Asus MeMO Pad ME301T 16GB

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  • Asus MeMO Pad Smart 10


    • Expandable memory
    • Solid connectivity options
    • Easy-going software customisation


    • Mediocre screen
    • Nexus 10 represents better value

    4 år siden
  • Asus MeMO Pad Smart 10


    • Great value for the money
    • nice IPS display
    • quad core Tegra 3 great for gaming
    • has USB host.


    • Internal storage speeds have improved over older Asus Transformer models
    • but still slower than the competition.

    ConclusionIt's hard not to like the Asus MeMO Pad Smart 10: for the price it's an excellent buy. You get a name brand tablet from a company with a proven Android track record, a sharp (albeit not super high resolution) IPS display, a solid Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU with GeForce graphics and the usual compliment of wireless. There's no NFC, but I doubt many will care, and there's currently no 3G/4G option, but the basics including a strong GPS are there. Though internal storage didn't benchmark well, in daily use we didn't suffer any serious slow downs or errors. And though 16 gigs of internal storage isn't much by today's standards, it can easily be augmented with microSD cards and USB flash drives. If you're shopping for a reasonably priced Android tablet that doesn't sacrifice on basic features, this is it.

    4 år siden
  • Asus MeMo Pad Smart 10

    The good:
    The Asus MeMo Pad Smart 10 has a rear-facing camera, microSD and Micro-HDMI ports, and solid performance for a budget tablet.

    The bad:
    Lacks a super-high-resolution display; overall plastic feel.

    The bottom line:
    Imagine a Nexus 7's innards expanded to a 10-inch tablet and you've got the Asus MeMo Pad Smart 10. Now ask yourself: why wouldn't you want something better?

    4 år siden
  • Review Asus Memo Pad Smart 10 ME301T Tablet

    Bright display
    OS is highly customized
    Good speakers
    Very light
    GPS sensor
    Low power consumption
    Weak battery
    Chassis is not particularly sturdy
    As shipped, the Asus keyboard has very small keys
    No accessories are available (yet)

  • Asus MeMO Pad Smart 10 Review


    • Competitive $300 price point
    • Takes decent photos & videos


    • Cramped on-screen keyboard layout