Sony Xperia Z C6603

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Sony Xperia er Sonys mobile flaggskip for år 2013. Modellen er utsmykket med en 5 tommers skjerm med oppløsning på 1920x1080 piksler. Telefonen har også et 13 megapiksel kamera, firekjernet prosessor på 1,5 GHz fra Qualcomm og dessuten 2 GB RAM.Xperia Z levers med Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) med flere ulike funksjoner fra Sony. Minnet er på 16 GB, men det finnes mulighet til å komplettere med SD-kort. Som flere andre av Sonys nye telefoner tåler Z støv og er vanntett ned til en meters dyp. Et eventuellt plask ned i toalettet trenger derfor ikke koste deg mer enn en smule vanære. Lukk
Sony Xperia er Sonys mobile flaggskip for år 2013. Modellen er utsmykket med en 5 tommers skjerm med oppløsning på 1920x1080 piksler. Telefonen har også et 13 megapiksel kamera, f... Les mer
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  • Sony Xperia Z

    Knivskarp skjerm, vanntett, støtte for minnekort, 4G

    Svak innsynsvinkel og sortnivå, kameraappen bruker lang tid på å starte

    4 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z


    • Beautiful 5-inch Full HD display
    • Sleek, strong, waterproof design
    • Pleasing OS and UI combination


    • Handset quickly becomes smeared mess
    • Becomes excessive hot during use
    • Disappointing battery life

    3 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z review

    A high-resolution screen and classy Android customisations make this a great handset, but we prefer the HTC One's design

    3 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z review


    • Water resistant
    • HD Voice
    • Good video camera
    • Stunning music quality


    • Non removable battery
    • Software bugs

    There is so much to love about the Sony Xperia Z - and while there are some annoyances, they pale in comparison. Yes, we think it's a bit shoddy that we encountered software bugs, but we suppose they can be fixed easily enough, and they weren't bad enough that we had crashes or lost data.The Sony Xperia Z has a beautiful design and finally represents an Android smartphone that can be used to show iPhone owners that they're not necessarily at the top of the heap anymore.The price is just a little too high in our opinion - but rush out a software update to improve the camera and you have a strong contender for smartphone of the year.The only problem is, by the time that's happened, the competition from fellow Android manufacturers will have grown even fiercer. For now, for those who can afford it, we recommend it heartily.

    4 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z

    The good:
    The Sony Xperia Z boasts a thin, attractive design that’s also dust- and water-resistant. It’s equipped with a big, bright screen and 4G LTE, takes great pictures, and has sharp call quality.

    The bad:
    The Sony Xperia Z’s battery life is short, its camera is slow, and its processor is not as peppy as those found in other flagship phones. Its glossy chassis attracts fingerprints easily.

    The bottom line:
    The Sony Xperia Z makes sense if a water-resistant design and excellent photos are a priority, but skip it if you demand blazingly fast performance and long battery life.

    4 år siden
  • Review Sony Xperia Z Smartphone

    Appealing design and good build quality
    Case is IP certified
    Google Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
    Many connectivity options (NFC, LTE)
    Simple to operate, easy text entry
    Application and graphics performance
    Very sharp FullHD display with 443 DPI
    Main camera features 13 megapixels but is just good enough for snapshots
    Display: high black value and low contrast
    Viewing angle stability of the 5-inch display is less than stellar
    Phone gets warm even during idle
    Buttons on the right and speaker are not placed well
    Fairly high power consumption and average battery life

    4 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z

    Design: 9/10
    Features: 9/10
    Ease-of-use: 8/10
    Image quality: 7/10
    Value for money: 6/10

    The Xperia Z brings together a lot of Sony's latest camera technologies in a premium smartphone. The intutuive touchscreen interface ensures that all those features are easy to access and deploy, aided by the device's quick responsiveness. Sure, the image quality still can't quite match even a cheap compact camera, but the gap has definitely narrowed further, especially if you mainly use the Xperia Z in good light.

    4 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z review

    Good Stuff

    • Stamina mode is a boon for battery life
    • Rugged, yet handsome, construction
    • Water- and dust-resistant
    • Headset is excellent for bass-heavy music

    Bad Stuff
    • Limited viewing angles
    • Mediocre ergonomics
    • Sub-par camera performance
    • PlayStation Mobile remains woefully underdeveloped

    Sony's best Android phone to date is merely decent by the broader market's standards

    Much like the Xperia S that came before it, the Xperia Z suffers from the unfortunate duality of being both Sony’s best phone to date and a merely average Android handset. There’s just no getting around the fact that Sony remains one step behind the competition. It stacks up a heaving spec sheet just as specs begin to matter least, it introduces an all-glass design just as others start to move away from it, and, most importantly, it fails to provide a compelling argument for purchasing it ahead of HTC, Samsung, or even LG’s alternatives.

    Water and dust resistance is a rare and valuable trait for a phone of this size and the battery Stamina mode is legitimately useful, but together they just don’t add up to enough to make this device truly desirable. Sony loyalists and Android purists will find a few things to like, however the Xperia Z’s lasting legacy will be one of unfulfilled potential and inadequate differentiation.


    • Design: 7/10
    • Display: 7/10
    • Camera(s): 6/10
    • Reception / call quality: 8/10
    • Performance: 7/10
    • Software: 7/10
    • Battery life: 8/10
    • Ecosystem: 8/10

    4 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z review

    The 5in screen?s boundary-stretching resolution and 441ppi density trounces the Samsung Galaxy S III?s 720 x 1,280, 306ppi 4.8in panel. It?s the sharpest screen we?ve ever seen on a phone, and the difference can be seen up close, with the naked eye. The Sony?s screen is just a little bit better, with crisper images and sharper text.

    5" Full HD Display
    PC Pro Recommended


    Score details
    Overall Rating: 5/6
    Features & Design: 5/6
    Value for Money: 4/6
    Performance: 6/6

    4 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z review

    Wired: Terrific screen, powerful processor, fine camera, waterproof, dustresistantTired: Have to wait for 4.2 Jelly Bean, runs hot, no HDMI port

    4 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z Review

    • Exquisite glass design • Top-notch hardware • Water- and dust-resistant

    • Disappointing camera • Mediocre call-quality

    4 år siden
  • Sony Xperia Z

    Sony stops playing catch-up and ups the ante with this multimedia monster


    • Excellent picture
    • Detailed, punchy sound
    • Solid build
    • Attractive design
    • Quick in use


    • Poor viewing angles
    • Feel is up to personal taste
    • Blacks could be richer

  • Ingen omtale
    GSM Arena

    When rumors of a fullHD 5-inch phone from HTC first surfaced, the web was abuzz with anticipation of what it could bring to the table. Here you have a device you could hold in your hand, which had the same resolution as the 50-inch TV in your living room - it sounded almost incredulous.But soon the place was ablaze with other manufacturers looking to capitalize on the latest smartphone trend. 441ppi started to get thrown around in almost every new flagship announcement or rumor, and in...

    4 år siden
  • Ingen omtale
    Sony Xperia Z


    • The most beautiful Sony phone yet
    • Water resistance on a flagship device
    • Strong performance


    • Disappointing battery life
    • Poor viewing angles

    Bottom Line
    The Xperia Z proves that Sony has what it takes to make a compelling phone in an increasingly competitive market, but issues like battery life need to be confronted, even at the expense of the design.

    4 år siden
  • Ingen omtale
    GSM Arena

    This must be the best time in a while to be a Sony fan. The year since parting ways with Ericsson has been one of filling in the blanks - fulfilling fans' wildest dreams was not too high on the agenda. This is not to say that the brand's loyal followers were let down over and over again. It's just that they had to teach themselves patience. Well, those who did have their reward at last.The Xperia Z is a burst of confidence and inspiration that will rally the troops and send a warning to...

    4 år siden
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    4 år siden

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