Ble med 2014-11-30
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Bought a window vacuum, after 2 days of hearing no updates I took contact with them only to found out that they don't have the product (only display and it's not in good condition). They said the payment is only reserved on my card and it is no longer reserved. BUT, it is not. The amount has left my card even before the product is leaving their warehouse. This is not usually the case with Klarna payment. I have to contact Klarna to check what happened as the transaction is marked as "aborted". Klarna then said that they will refund my payment in some days. 1. Why couldn't they contact me immediately when they find out the product is no longer available? Or better yet, update their website to list it as out of stock?? Creating such hassle. 2. Why did they say the payment is "no longer reserved" when it has actually left my account? And they did this even before the product leaving their warehouse?? Payment with Klarna is secure because the amount is usually only reserved until the shipment is on the way, but not in this case?? This is my first purchase with them and will definitely be my last.